Beltane Yin Yoga Workshop ~ Sunday 1st May

A  Candlelight Yin Yoga workshop exploring balance on and off the mat.

Spring is at its peak as each day lengthens and sunlight heads towards fullness.

In this fertile season - Nature calls to dive into the lusciousness of all creation and tap into the power of  passion, vitality and joy.

The Wheel of the Year now reaches the point of maturity and conception of new life.

A brilliant moment to manifest ideas and dreams and dare to leap the fires of Beltane to honour the life-giving Sun.

This workshop combines mindful movement to celebrate and ignite your creative delight and fertilise your imaginative potential so that heartfelt hopes flower within, alive with the promise of glorious realisation.

 Limited to 14 people - Please Book

 Threlkeld Village Hall 6~8pm - £20 

Yin Yoga & Sound Mediation Solstice Celebration


A Collaboration between Tadasana Yoga & Fell-being.

An evening of Yin Yoga, Pranayama & Beautiful crystal singing bowl sound mediation all by candlelight.


3 hours of deeply restoration yogic practices.

To celebrate the summer solstice ~ the high point of the year.

More Information coming Soon!

 Threlkeld Village Hall Sun June 6-9pm - £30