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Autumn Equinox candlelight Yin Yoga Workshop


Finding Balance 

 A celebration of the Autumn equinox - the point of balance where day & night are the same length.

The session will begin with some Pranayama (breathing practices) & a short silent meditation

then move into some Yin yoga poses gently trying to restore balance in our body & finding some quietness in the body & mind.

The session will focus on physically balancing out the sides of the body ~ front, back line & lateral stretches and twists.

The Pranayama practice will look at releasing blocks (granthis) with the Nadi Sodhana (alternate nostril breath) and Nadi Kriyas (cleansing practices).

Session will end with a long Yoga Nidra and a short closing meditation.

Sun 17th Sept ~ 6-8pm @ Threlkeld Village Hall  £20

Samhain Candlelight Yin Yoga Workshop


 Welcoming the Dark

This Samhain Candlelit Workshop will celebrate a time half way between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice that marks the end of harvest time ahead of welcoming in the darker winter months.

It’s a time of death and rebirth; a time to reflect, recharge and renew. A perfect time to dream and drift.

Our focus for this session will be on ways we can create more balance, working with Yoga techniques and breathing practices that encourage us to get more grounded in our bodies helping to calm the nervous system to promote deeper sleep.

We will combine  breath work with deep restorative poses to unwind the body (from the inside out), release deep rooted tensions, relax the mind and invite us to fully let go.

Limited to 15 people 

Sun 29th Oct~ 6-8pm @ Threlkeld Village Hall  £20

Happy Hips, Legs & Feet ~ Therapeutic Yoga Workshop

My project-1 (2).png

This workshop is designed to strengthen & free up all those muscles that have been strained, shortened and tightened by all those years of running, cycling and sitting for too long.


The hips, hamstrings and spine (psoas) were designed to have freedom of movement, to bend with ease & to be supple.


In this workshop we will aim to cultivate a greater range of motion & flexibility in our Hips, Hamstrings and Psoas by using yoga stretches, supported Yin yoga poses & self massage - Myo-fascia release.

 Limited to 15 people - Please Book

Friday 17th Nov ~ 6.30-8.30pm
Threlkeld Village Hall  £20

Winter Solstice Candlelight Yin Yoga Workshop


 Reflections & Manifesting


The last candlelight yin yoga workshop of the year!

In this workshop we will begin by looking at all that has gone before us this year -


Releasing the past and setting our Intentions for the coming year.

We will start with front line stretches - back bends and shoulder opening, then into releasing & reflection - forward folds & twists.

Session will end with a Sankalpa - intention setting

Limited to 15 people 

Sun 19th Dec ~ 6-8pm
Threlkeld Village Hall  £25
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